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Phone skills

On the phone

In Lesson 3 you learned how to answer the phone, here we will revise this and learn some more.

If you sound fluent when answering the phone your caller may reply in Irish! If so, well done, but you will need a nice way to move the conversation to English.

For example, you could say:

Tá mé ag foghlaim na Gaeilge, an féidir linn Béarla a labhairt?I'm learning Irish, could we speak in English?

Below you will find other useful sentences to use in a phone conversation:

Dia dhuit ar maidinGood morning
Dia dhuitGood afternoon
Dia dhuitGood evening
Níl ach beagan Gaeilge agamI don't have much Irish
An bhfuil Béarla ceart go leor?Is English ok?
Go raibh maith agatThank you
Tá brón ormI'm sorry
Cuirfidh mé ar aghaidh thúI'll put you through