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What time is it?

In this lesson you will learn how to ask what time it is in Irish, to tell the time and to find out the days of the week.

This is how you ask the time in Irish:

Cén t-am é?What time is it?

To respond to Cén t-am é? you can say Tá sé... a chlog - it is... of (the) clock.

Listen and repeat the examples below:

Tá sé a trí a chlogIt is 3 o' clock
Tá sé a cúig a chlogIt is 5 o' clock
Tá sé a haon déag a chlogIt is 11 o' clock
Tá sé ina mheán laeIt is midday
Tá sé ina mheán oícheIt is midnight

To say quarter past... you say ceathrú tar éis...

Ceathrú tar éis a dó2:15

To say quarter to... you say ceathrú chun...

Ceathrú chun a cúig ar maidin4:45

To say half past... you say leathuair tar éis...

Leathuair tar éis a sé6:30